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Xpress Auto Transport is a fully licensed and insured auto transport broker. We are ready to ship you vehicles to any state or any location worldwide.

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With over 50k+ carriers in our database, you can rest assure that your vehicles are in safe hands when shipping with Xpress Auto Transport.

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Why Customer Ship with Xpress

Personalized Approach

Xpress Auto Transport stands out with its personalized approach to auto transport services. They prioritize the unique needs and preferences of each customer, offering tailored solutions that ensure a seamless and stress-free vehicle transportation experience. This commitment to personalization sets them apart in the industry, fostering trust and satisfaction among clients.

Dedicated Advisors

Xpress Auto Transport distinguishes itself by assigning dedicated advisors to oversee every car shipment. These advisors provide expert guidance and support throughout the entire transportation process, ensuring that each customer's specific requirements and concerns are addressed with care and precision. This personalized attention guarantees a smooth and reliable car shipping experience.

Extended Hours

Xpress Auto Transport goes the extra mile by offering extended hours, including nights and weekends, to accommodate their customers' busy schedules. This flexibility allows clients to access their services when it's most convenient for them, demonstrating a commitment to exceptional customer service and accessibility in the auto transport industry.

30K Car Carriers Network

Xpress Auto Transport boasts an extensive network of over 30,000 carriers, underlining their ability to efficiently handle auto shipments across diverse locations. This vast and well-connected network enables them to provide customers with a wide range of options, competitive pricing, and reliable transportation services, making them a trusted choice in the industry.

Zero Upfront Payment

Xpress Auto Transport stands out by offering a hassle-free experience with zero upfront payments. They prioritize customer convenience and trust by eliminating the need for pre-payment, ensuring that clients only pay once their vehicle is safely transported to its destination. This transparent and customer-centric approach sets them apart in the auto transport industry.

Insurance Coverages

Xpress Auto Transport provides peace of mind to customers with fully insured auto transport services. Their commitment to ensuring the safety and security of every vehicle in transit is evident through comprehensive insurance coverage. This assurance of protection reinforces their reputation as a reliable and responsible choice for vehicle transportation needs.


Xpress Auto Transport offers nationwide auto transport services, serving customers across the entire United States. Their extensive reach and network of carriers enable them to facilitate vehicle shipments to and from any location, providing a convenient and comprehensive solution for customers seeking reliable and efficient auto transportation services nationwide.


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Why Choose Xpress

Reasons To Choose Xpress Auto Transport


Xpress Makes Shipping Easy

Xpress Auto Transport simplifies car shipping, making it effortless for customers. Their user-friendly approach and dedicated support ensure a seamless process from start to finish. With personalized service, nationwide coverage, and no upfront payments, Xpress Auto Transport takes the stress out of car shipping, earning trust and satisfaction.


Nationwide Coverage

Xpress Auto Transport offers nationwide coverage, reaching every corner of the United States. Whether it's a coast-to-coast move or a local transport, their extensive network of carriers and dedicated advisors ensures that customers can rely on their services wherever they need to ship their vehicles, providing a truly comprehensive solution.


Exceptional Customer Service

Xpress Auto Transport prides itself on delivering exceptional customer service. Their team of knowledgeable and dedicated advisors goes the extra mile to address customer needs, provide guidance, and ensure a stress-free auto transport experience. This commitment to excellence fosters trust and satisfaction, making them a top choice for vehicle transportation needs.


Competitive Pricing

Xpress Auto Transport offers competitive pricing in the auto transport industry. They combine quality service with affordability, ensuring that customers receive value for their money. With transparent quotes and cost-effective solutions, Xpress Auto Transport strives to make car shipping accessible and budget-friendly for all customers.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Your Car Shipping Questions Answered

How do I prepare my vehicle for auto transport?
Before shipping your vehicle, remove personal items, document any existing damage, and ensure the vehicle is in good working order.
What factors influence the cost of auto transport?
Factors like distance, vehicle size, transport type, and delivery speed can affect the cost.
Is my vehicle insured during transport?
Yes, reputable auto transport companies provide insurance coverage during transit.
How long does it take to ship a car?
Shipping times vary based on distance and route, but it typically takes 1-2 weeks for domestic transport.
Can I ship non-running or specialty vehicles?
Yes, many auto transport companies can accommodate non-running or specialty vehicles.
What's the difference between open and enclosed transport?
Open transport is cost-effective and exposes the vehicle to the elements, while enclosed transport provides added protection but is typically more expensive.
What documents do I need to provide for auto transport?
You'll generally need the vehicle's registration, proof of ownership, and sometimes a notarized letter of authorization if someone else is handling the shipment.

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Choosing open or closed car transport

Choosing open or closed car transport

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